Tuesday, February 24, 2009

NYC: Monster Track X

This weekend, Monster Track X, the tenth annual edition of NYC's most intense underground alleycat

street race, will be blazing through city streets making heros out of ordinary messengers, and a legend out of one. Monster Track, the most outlaw of outlaw alleycat bicycle races, has only one rule: No Brakes.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

NYC: The Intrepid

Photos by: David Y.

This weekend was another cold one here in the city. On Sunday i decided to take a small trek across the city to visit the Intrepid. The intrepid was created after WWII and is located off the neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen (44th and West Side Hwy.). i must have biked right next to this site several times this past year, but never have taken a moment to visit, till now. i do hope that you enjoy some of my pictures.....

Sunday, February 8, 2009

BK: Green-Wood Cemetery

Photos by: David Y.

Well if you live in NYC i hope that you took some time to go out on this gorgeous day. For those of you who don't live here, we had a heat wave and it was 56ยบ today! i pulled out Griffin and took him for a cruise around Prospect Park with a good friend of mine. After doing a couple of laps, i realized how out of shape i really am, and look forward to getting back on track. After i came home i had a small lunch and ran out to Green-Wood Cemetery. i know i have posted about this place before but thought you might like checking out more of my pics. from today. Although Green-Wood doesn't allow bikes, you can certainly park on the outside and get out and walk around, which is what most people do!

Hope you enjoy these:

Sunday, February 1, 2009

NYC: Chinatown & St. Marks

Photos by: David Y.

Since we are celebrating Chinese New Year, i thought it best to tool on down to Chinatown and get some pictures of things that catch my eye. When i moved to NYC back in 2004 i didn't own a camera, and when i got my first digital i vowed to keep a log of my stay in NYC. i am not planning on going anywhere, but if global warming continues the way it is, NYC will be underwater and i want to know what i was a part of. So, i have been documenting everything i do and see on a regular basis. i started down in Chinatown and ran right into a parade, so i ventured up to St. Marks and Astor Place to get some photos of the buildings. Hope you enjoy.......