Sunday, April 5, 2009

NYC: Ansonia

Photos by: David Y.

One of my favorite parts about living in NYC is the endless exposure to inspiration. For me this comes in many forms, The history of NY, The Architecture, and being surrounded by art. One building that i have been obsessed with since before living in NY is the Ansonia Building. i first noticed the Ansonia on the movie Single White Female, with Bridget Fonda & Jennifer Jason Leigh. The building was built during the Beaux-Arts era from 1899-1904 and is the only building in NYC to resemble French Luxury Hotels. In its hayday it had a fountain in the entrance with live seals, and the largest indoor swimming pool. The building is located on 73rd and Broadway on NYC's Upper West Side, with 18 stories and spectacular views of NYC it is definitely one of NY's gem's. i have always wanted to live in this building and plan on someday doing so. i hope that you enjoy the pictures of its grand architecture.

Friday, April 3, 2009

NYC: Taste NYC

Like most New Yorkers, the city has a tendency to evolve rather quickly. The Hot Spots come and go within a year of each other, and their fame rarely keeps the name long enough for someone else to rip it off. One challenge while living in New York is trying to find a new place to dine, something fresh, and innovative. Taste NYC is a blog posted by an 11 year old NYC foodie, and her favorite eating spots here in the city. i do hope you take a moment to check it out, and try out some of her faves.