Sunday, June 21, 2009

NYC: West Side Hwy.

Photos by: David Y.

This week i went for a walk with friends to the Highline park on the west side of Manhattan. Once we cleared the first phase, we went for a walk down to Battery Park along the West Side Hwy. i always forget how nice they have made the bike lanes and the views from the West Side are so beautiful.
Having lived here for 5 years now (man time flies), i realized that i never look up anymore. i never take the time to enjoy the view, and what is around me as much as i should....This blog was built for just that reason, to enjoy the view, and share it with all of you. Whether on a bike, or on foot....there is always time to appreciate everything beautiful, i challenge you to do the same.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BK: Biking Under the Brooklyn Sunset

Photo by: David Y.

i have said several times, and i'll say it again, the ride out to Coney Island is the best ride i have taken thus far. Today right before i left work, me and my friend La T decided to race out there and back before sunset, and it turned out to be beautiful. It was the first time i had used my lights on my bike, and they were AWESOME!!! hope you enjoy the pic's, and if you get a chance please ride out!! You won't be sorry!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

NYC: Governors Island

Photos by: David Y.

i have said it before and i am sticking to it, NYC can be so much fun in the Spring/Summer with all the inexpensive and free outdoor activities. If you live here and don't take advantage of them, i highly recommend starting this year. One of the best places to enjoy being outside is Governors Island......i went out today to partake in the annual 40's style Jazz-Fest, and had a Blast! Several of the pedestrians that came out were on bike, and you can rent them on the island as well. The band was to die for, with their swing style beats, and the crowd was dancing. it was nice to see everyone dressed in their best dud's and get-up's to match the day's events. i do hope that you enjoy my photos from the fest, and if you live in the City (NYC), i recommend checking out their calendar of events this summer. For more on Gov. Island just click on the title.