Saturday, May 17, 2008

Coney Island Bound...

Photos by: David Y. & Megan H.
So when i created this blog my focus was to capture some of the great rides you can take here in NYC. Now that spring is here, one of my favorite rides is the trek out to Coney Island. There has been a lot of talk about the construction, and changing of Coney, so to me it is nice to get out there when time and weather permits and capture as many photos as possible. The setting alone is a photographers playground, esp. if you are in the design field like myself. There are endless amounts of surprises everywhere you turn, from the fair grounds, to the rows of vintage signage, and of course the people that come out of the woodwork.
I find it is much easier to start my trek at 15th and Prospect park (if you are coming from the city you can take the "F" train to this stop. From here you can ride a 1/4 of the park to "Ocean Pkwy" which will be a straight shot to Coney, and the Boardwalk. I have documented this trip in the photos below:

In photo 1, you can see how there is a protected bike lane, which runs the full ride straight to Coney, the second photo is of the homes that line the bike lane. Photo 3 was of some men playing Backgammon, which was awesome, in fact they were still there playing 3 hours later when we rode back by.......pretty serious business i would guess.

Photo 1 is the ending of the bike lane and the entrance to Coney, just beyond the bridge you can ride up a ramp onto the entrance of the boardwalk. Photo 2 is of us arriving and waiting in line at Nathan's, every New Yorker knows you can't visit Coney without having a Nathans Famous hot dog, and of course photo 3 is me enjoying it.

Photo 1 here shows the amusement park from the end of the pier. The pier houses several of the fisherman that come out to fish for crabs, and whatever else lies underneath those murky waters. Photo 2 is of our bikes, and of course Megan H. Photo 3 is of the carousel horses, which is one of the many rides shown below:

Photo 1 is of the world famous "Cyclone" which i normally ride each time i visit Coney, but sadly i was not able to ride this time....maybe next time. Photo 2 & 3 is of the "Wonder Wheel" which at one time was the worlds largest Ferris wheel!

All together the trip took us 4 hours, that included us riding out there, and back and having time for lunch and rides. The trip is the perfect way to spend an afternoon out in the sun while enjoying one of New York's historic sites. The park construction is still up in the air, so it's ever evolving landscape is worth visiting......enjoy!
(for more info. on Coney Island, just click on the title of this post)


Anonymous said...


Nice blog, if you like Brooklyn rides check out the Tour de Brooklyn this weekend. The route this year goes around the waterfront.


Anonymous said...

thanks Mike for commenting on my blog, i appreciate it. hopefully you'll stick around for more articles and rides in brooklyn and the city.