Saturday, May 31, 2008

NYC: Michael Green Reclaims His Whip

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NYC is one of those funny places that often feels (to me anyways) like you are living in a giant snow globe, where people are constantly looking in and judging your every move. It's always funny to me when i walk (or bike) down the street and see the double decker bus with hundreds of tourists looking at us like we are animals in a zoo, or again living in a snow globe for everyone to judge for themselves. it's often said that New Yorkers are rude, impatient, and pretty selfish. It's true, no matter where you live there is always going to be some sort of riff raff, or dishonesty that will, in some form, disrupt your daily walk (or in this case ride). Having said that, the flip side of the coin is for all that is bad, there is always a little piece of good that always seems to work out in your favor.
This past month the biking community was informed of Michael Green's stolen bike (which i posted in hopes of retrieving), the orange KHS frame with the green aerospoke rim. The article was ripped by several blog spots for the willingness of Michael falling for the old, "hey man let me try out your bike" trick. The perp ran off with the bike and the rest is history.....until now. This past week the bike was retrieved by a band of bikers who spotted the bike in the city, and took it upon themselves to round up enough people to corral the perp into giving it back. The story is amazing and you can read more about it here.
i was recently talking to a good friend of mine back in Dallas about his friend who is a full fledged "hobo". We got to talking about the hobo lifestyle and decided if it were politically correct to call them "hobo's" so we checked it out on wikepedia. We found out more about this lifestyle, and learned that there is a code they leave around town when visiting places. This is a code they live by to help each other out in case of rabid animals, work, and police. The same goes for the biking community which i am learning. There is definite power in numbers, and i think that Michaels story definitely delivers the details better.
Hats off to the group who banned together to get it back, and save Michaels Whip.

(for more on this article, and to learn about the hobo culture just click on the links)

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