Monday, July 21, 2008

NYC: Preparing Myself, and Griffin for a Century, and A Sneak Peak at Things to Come!

This past weekend i was riding my bike to the local Home Depot. to pick up some hangers (i like the wooden hangers) and on my way home i noticed that Griffin's Left pedal was a bit stiff. I was a block from my apartment (which is all uphill, and steep) when i heard a loud pop, and all of the sudden my left foot slid off the pedal. I somehow managed to snap the pedal off the bar that holds it. When i got home i had to retire the bike to the designated spot. So in preparation for this next weekend, i have to get the pedals replaced. But what can you expect from a 50 yr old bike? he's an old man, and soon i'll have a new one which will allow me to retire Griffin to a Brooklyn cruiser. i am looking at getting a new bike, which i am seriously excited about! it is made by Specialized, a well known name, and is called, "Langster London". i was flipping through my Bicycling magazine this month and noticed a write up about it, and knew that is what i wanted. So next month it will be a reality for me. i am so excited about this new bike i can hardly stand it. i have posted a picture of it above and a link to it if you click on the title.
Also in the upcoming weekend i will be riding to Montauk LI, with my friends Megan and Latoyia. We will be taking the LIRR to the Babylon stop at 7am, and arriving at 8:30am. Our route will be a straight shot and mostly flat throughout the 100 mile terrain. In preparation we will be doing the following:
1. Mapping this route to take with us.
2. Hydrating with H2o the day before
3. Latoyia will be taking her GPS system
4. Marking all the stops of the LIRR (for emergency)
5. psyching ourselves up!!!

i will be taking pictures along the way to show on my next post. Wish us luck on this ride, and pray that weather permits us to finish. Until next week!

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