Saturday, August 9, 2008

NYC: Summer Streets 2008

Photo by: Jon B.
If you live in NYC then you know there are very few certainties: finding a job, hailing a cab to take you a few blocks, getting a seat on the train, getting caught in the rain with an umbrella, getting close enough to buildings you love for a photo, or seeing things you rarely get to see up close. Today was the first day of Summer Streets, which is a continuous 6.9 stretch of vehicle free miles in NYC. Recently i wrote a post about this very day, and today i was one of the first to partake in this event. i met up with my friends Jon B. and Latoyia M. for a ride from City Hall (base of the Brooklyn Bridge on the Manhattan side) up to 59th street. i have always wanted to ride my bike up Park Ave. into and around Grand Central. We stopped to take some pictures in the middle of Park Avenue where it runs into Grand Central, i have ALWAYS wanted a picture here! Today was a definite certainty; certain to see what NYC would be like to have no traffic, certain to get close to Grand Central for a picture, and certain that this is something that should be ongoing. If you didn't get to partake in this ride, then no stress, you will have your chance for the next two Saturdays from 7:30am to 1:00pm. Happy Riding!

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