Tuesday, April 29, 2008

NYC: Bicycle Friendly? & The Bike Rack Challenge?

Photo by: Megan H.

So good news to all bikers in the city (and of course Brooklyn & Queens), NYC is trying to become a more "Bike Friendly" city (according to the NY TIMES), and has released a proposal to its increasing bicycle commuters. Among some of the highlights listed in the proposal are 200 miles of new bike lanes, and the addition of bike shelters (whoa, get into it!) and 5,000 bike racks by 2011. This is a major improvement, esp. for those who commute to work in midtown Manhattan. If you have ever tried to park a bike in Midtown, it's the pitt's...... i think it's easier finding a job! This is an interesting article, esp. since they give out so many tickets, and hassle the bikers of Critical Mass each month, yet it's a "bike friendly" city?! i have to quote the Black Eyed Peas, "Where is the Love?!"
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Finally! A Bike Rack Makeover!!!

It seems as though it is time for NYC to make a move forward with t
he image of the bike rack. According to the article in the NY TIMES, “New York deserves a bike rack that is worthy of the city, that’s unique, exciting and modern”. They are holding a competition for best design of the new Bike Rack, and the winner will be announced at the Cooper-Hewitt on Oct. 19-25 2008. The image shown is of a bike rack on 58th btw 3rd and Lex. This is the only rack i have seen in the area besides the park!

Photo by: David Y.


nomadNY said...

Check out the new bike lane on 9th Avenue (downtown). It is the newest development in my neighborhood since the new bike funding. It is amazing -completely protected from traffic, bike stop lights and takes you through MPD and into the heart of West Village. This used to be a tricky and even sometimes scary ride to map out...

Doug said...

Why is the bike lane logo wearing a rice hat?