Sunday, May 11, 2008

NYC: "Soul-Cycle: Mind Body Cardio"

If you are a "New Yorker" you usually fall under two categories: New York Native, and Transplant. if you are like me you are a Transplant, and you have a hard time finding the simple things around the city, doctors, dentists, orthodontists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, trainers, body waxer, hair stylist and instructors. This is a gruesome process to find someone you really connect with, and trust with your body. Now don't get it twisted, it's not because you can't trust people, it's more of a comfort level and understanding. Recently i was invited to a Spin Party on the upper west side at Soul Cycle with a good friend of mine Glynis and all her friends. Having never "spun" (if that is correct terminology) i didn't really know what to expect, esp. because i am so bad at aerobics and coordination, but knew that i loved to bike. Now, most spinners will tell you that it is very different than biking as a sport, but my mind was set, i was going to be fine having gone long distances on my own bike.
When i walked up there were several others dressed for the occasion, and several people leaving the the front doors drenched in sweat (which made me nervous). i entered the class having bought the right outfit (full RLX) and looked the part with bag in tow. i finally got my shoes that lock into the bikes and set the bike seat to the right height, and got a brief rundown of how the bike operates. The instructor (Stacy) came in full of energy, and with just the right jokes, and i felt the right comfort level immediately. She pumped up the energy immediately with the right beats on the heavy tip, and immediately we started to cycle with an UP position (that is where you are standing while you spin), and got our heart rates up quickly. Throughout the class Stacy had us standing while spinning and doing push ups on the bike bars, and even using weights to get our arms worked out as well. The class went on for about 45 minutes (which is considered pretty easy compared to other classes) and by the time it was over my RLX was drenched in sweat, but my body was over joyed with energy, and the endorphins were kickin!
Because i had such a good experience i stayed after to speak to Stacy, and felt an instant connection to her spirit. Turns out that Stacy is a biker as well, and loves to train other bikers for endurance. She informed me of her interest in the Century to Montauk, and about biking and training. Stacy is a transplant as well from LA and still coaches in Cali. from time to time. All in all if you are looking for a good workout on a bike, and want to push your body to the limit, i HIGHLY recommend attending one of Stacy's classes at Soul-Cycle, you will not be disappointed.

PS. after the party, Glynis treated us to pizza at Pinch: Pizza by the inch it was great!
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