Wednesday, May 7, 2008

NYC: Up & Coming; "On the Design Tip"; Black is the New Green

NYC: Up & Coming!!!

i don't know if you read Bicycling magazine, but in the new June issue there is a great article on the Best Cities for Cycling. Of course Portland, Oregon and Seattle are the leaders for best city, but number three and "Most Improved" is our very own NYC. Among some of the call outs were the 200 miles of bike lanes (as mentioned in my previous post), and the PlaNYC movement lead by Bloomberg. According to the article NYC is planning on having 1 million more people coming to NYC by 2030!? this means more crowded streets, which means more traffic, and more time spent in cars......or on bikes! i am assuming this means there will be more bikes than a bike makeover can handle, so the city will be installing 37 bike shelters. How cool is that?! Now i think that deserves being #3
Photo by: David Y.
(for more on the article, just click on the bicycling link)

On the Design Tip:
When i was thinking about creating this blog i racked my brain trying to nail down a focus for myself. i knew i wanted to write about particular interests that came naturally to me. the first thing that came to mind was Fashion, then i figured the world is so saturated with fashion, that i decided to focus on Design. But then it occurred to me that my two true loves were design, and bikes. Since i am pretty new to the biking community here in NYC i thought that would be a great way to get to know some folks, and immerse myself in biking politics, and being green. Once i started the blog i would see if i could somehow bring in the design element. On March 30, 2008 i attended the lecture given at the Metropolitan Museum of Art by Scott Schuman, "The Sartorialist" (and two other fashion bloggers). i met up with two good friends of mine (who also bike with me), and had the privilege of meeting a new friend, Chelsea who was a friend of a friend, and also a former Dallas neighbor. Chelsea let me know about her blog site, "Design-59". So in the spirit of sharing knowledge and paving the way to a design element, i give you "Design-59". This site is about the celebration of design, designers, and great space. i am so pleased to have Design-59 as my first site featured in "On the Design Tip", and i hope you will enjoy it as much as i have.

Black is the New Green
So today i was informed of Google's new search engine:! This site was created as a more Green Google, using a black background saving energy with the same searching as its regular site. You can also check out green companies on Blackle as well.....Enjoy!

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design - 59 said...

Please don't tell me you have the whole bike get-up, you know the tight racing suit with the crazy accessories? Maybe RL should make one of those! I see those guys every night when I run in Central Park. Of course I have my own Stella McCartney running outfit so I guess I shouldn't be one to talk. Maybe I'll see you on the trail in CP sometime!