Sunday, June 29, 2008

Find Your Way, and On The Design Tip....cont.

Photo by: Megan H.
Even though NYC is only 13.4 miles from top to bottom, and 2.3 miles at it's widest parts it is easy to get lost when you are pounding the pavement, or if you are on wheels. So to make things easier someone came up with a site for bikers to find a safe route while getting around the city. The site is called, "" and if you are interested you can just click on the's never too late to be safe, even if you are on a bike.

On The Design Tip cont.

So a while back i introduced to you the link i added called, "On the Design Tip" which i launched with "Design 59". i mentioned adding some fashion sites and other design related topics and names to the list. So in the spirit of design here are two that i read regularly:

The Sartorialist, which is a NYC based Photographer and Fashion Icon photographing the everyday male and female in their natural habitats as designers would see them for inspiration. i hope that you enjoy this blog as much as i have.

New York Daily Photo, this is an interesting blog based again on photography in NYC. You can count on timeless images captured all around the city. i encourage you to take a peek and get lost on the over 1,000 images since 2006, with links to other great cities.

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