Monday, June 30, 2008

June Review: Past, and Post......

When i look back at the month of June i find myself searching for things to write about. June in NY is the jumping off point, for many of us that work in corporate offices, for Summer Fridays, road trips to the Hamptons, weekends at Fire Island, and perhaps time to plan that last minute summer getaway. This month i found myself riding my bike more often in the city, and less and less in Brooklyn. There is something about riding through the city amongst the traffic that gives you a HUGE adrenaline rush, all your senses are working at once while you whiz through the sea of yellow cab's. Although i may never leave Brooklyn (it's my home away from home) i find myself getting more and more comfortable taking my bike into Manhattan. Some things i did accomplish this past month are: Learning to add parts to my bike, taking my bike over the river to Governors Island, and Learned, but did not blog, about "Summer Streets" in NYC. In a nutshell, the city of NY is planning a new program this summer called Summer Streets. This program involves the closing of 5 miles of streets in Manhattan three Saturdays in August. For more on the article just click on the link.

i am happy to see the closing of June, this has been a tough month for me, and i look forward to the month of July. This Month i will be partaking in a private Century to Montauk. This ride usually involves a good 1500 bikers and shelling out a good 176$. Me any my friend Megan are planning on taking our vintage bikes out to Long Island and riding it ourselves. i am super excited about this ride, and will surely get you pictures of our journey. Good luck and Happy riding in July!

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miss sarah said...

Right back at you! I'm so jealous that you have the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn to ride on, you must get from downtown to midtown SO fast:) Pedal on, bike brother!