Sunday, October 12, 2008

Autumn in NYC

Photos by: David Y. & Megan H.

Some of the most exciting things about living in NYC are sometimes the simplest things. One of the great things about living here is that you really get to see the seasons change. Once the last days of Indian Summer have burned off, you are always left with the beautiful changes in the leaves. The best place to witness this is Central Park, which is the destination of thousands of New Yorkers each weekend. There is something wonderful about chillaxin on the great lawn, perhaps throwing a football, baseball, or even a Frisbee. When i started this blog one of my main intentions was to bring to life a view of city life through the eye of my camera, and the wheels of my bike, while sharing some of NY's best rides.
Today i took a ride down to Chelsea to meet my good friend Megan who accompanied me down to the Park to walk/ride around and catch some beauty of the season. We rode up West Side Hwy. till we got to the 70's, took a turn down 72nd to see the Dakota, and entered the park through Strawberry Fields. We took the main rode around till we got to the east side and dismounted at Shakespeare Garden to walk. The Lavender was in full bloom, along with a few of the last season hydrangeas (mostly the rusty red).
From here we made our way up to the Ramble, and through to Belvedere Castle where we looked down on the ducks swimming through the algae floating on the lake. We made our way down to Bow Bridge, and over to Bethesda Fountain, where we got some great shots of the water, and vegetation under the skyline of the city. There is something fun about walking around with a camera and blending in with the tourists, it's like being undercover and discovering the city all over again. One thing i always loved about Bethesda Terrace is the fact it was all hand carved out of sand stone. To see it is truly amazing, the ornate pillars, and columns so perfectly groomed.

This part of the park is truly breath taking when you experience it during autumn. I highly recommend jumping on your bike and heading down to the park to take a break from busy schedules and rushing streets to take in the beauty of this years autumn. You will be so happy that you came.
From here we took our bikes back on the West Side Hwy. and headed down to 8th Ave. and Jane to my favorite burger joint, "Corner Bistro". This is the perfect place to end a ride, in my opinion. There is nothing better than a great burger, and of course crispy fries to accompany it, with a cold Stella.

I Love NYC!!!


Spamboy said...

Mmmm...leaves. With colors. Besides green. The city looks beautiful!

Ruth said...

What a sight those leaves are! I can only imagine....

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day in the park. Strawberry fields forever! :)

Anonymous said...

you are looking good... I am glad you started blogging back again. I love your photography!!! i heard from a little birdy that you have some cool pics coming soon. can't wait.