Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bike Valet, & Greenwood Heights.

Photo by: David Y.

This week i was searching the NY Times for some biking news and stumbled across this article, although a bit older, it is interesting. The article is about the need for the obvious, more bike racks in the city, mainly mid-town. The writer goes on to talk about the minimal overhead for parking bikes seeings how you can fit 20 bikes in a single vehicle parking spot. The idea has become more popular for movie premiers, and events during fashion week. i personally would pay the money to have my bike parked and watched throughout the day since i can't take it up to my office, as many in midtown are finding out. Parking is the number one reason people don't ride their bikes to work, which to me seems a bit ridiculous in a city like New York.

Photo by: David Y.

This morning it was a bit overcast outside, and i decided to take a walk through the Green-Wood cemetery, located in Greenwood Heights Brooklyn. i have always wanted to take a walk through this cemetery, with its winding trails and old headstones. Although the cemetery offers no biking on its grounds, it is a wonderful place to take a peaceful walk, and look at the history of NYC. Among some of the more famous people buried here are: Big Boss Tweed, Basquiat (artist), Louis Bonard (animal activist), and Louis Comfort Tiffany to name a few of the hundreds. The picture taken above is of Minerva/Athena who watches over the soldiers of the Civil War. Her left hand is raised facing and saluting the statue of liberty, which faces Minerva. This is the highest point in Brooklyn (200ft above sea level), and from here you can clearly see the Statue of Liberty. If you get a free day, i highly recommend walking through this cemetery, you won't be disappointed.

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