Monday, November 17, 2008

NYC: New Bike Laws

Photo by: David Y.
This past weekend was rainy and cold here in NYC, which left me inside doing small things around the apartment. On days like that i usually don't think about getting Griffin out, unless it's just around the hood. i was thinking all weekend about what to write on, and came to the decision that i will be posting the news this winter, and planning some rides around NY when the weather permits better, warmer, riding. i was at work today and my friend Doug sent me an interesting article that i wanted to share from Treehugger. According to the article NYC has some pretty tough bike laws being laid out for new apartment buildings, as well as for new office buildings which will increase the bike racks in midtown, therefore promoting more bike users. The one thing that sucks most for bike commuters is the lack of bike racks in the city, esp. in midtown, so hopefully this will change all that for those who want to commute.

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P-Rude said...

Awesome! I was quoted as a source.